"A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown" - Proverbs 12:4





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Deidra Roussaw

Romance Concierge Coach


Minister Deidra is a wife, mother, grandmother, minister, coach, mentor, author & an entrepreneur. Deidra is the founder of TrulyWed Wives®, a wives ministry offering wife coaching, wife mentoring, wives retreats & getaways, annual wives conference via Bringing Sexy Back to the Marriage, wives night out, savvy wife tool box - Prayer, finance, communication, infidelity, inspiration, blended family, healing, investments, marriage counseling, intimacy, couples devotion, weight management assistance, image consultation, romance concierge and date night.


Deidra serves as the romance coach offering pleasurable resources and romantic exposure for couples to partake in for the purpose of strengthening and enhancing their marriages.


Deidra is committed to provide exuberant experiences that will invoke passion and devotion to the sanctity of marriage. She hosts a monthly wives only prayer conference call every Third Thursday which creates a safe environment for wives to pray, learn the word of God and participate in a wives dialogue.


Deidra is co-founder of TWOgether Marriages® alongside her husband Dwight, they offer marriage coaching, marriage mentoring, they lead the Dynamic Marriage class,  have an awesome "Date Night Program," and they host a one of a kind annual Marriage on Fire Retreat.


~Her Wife Verse~

 "A wife of noble character is her husband’s crown” ~Proverbs 12:4


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